Dominion Energy (Virginia) Commits $226M to Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy efficiency rebate programs are one of the many driving forces of energy efficiency adoption across Virginia and many other states throughout the country. As of May 2, 2019 the VSCC has approved Dominions filings for 11 energy efficiency programs (6-residential, 5 non-residential) totaling $225.8M over the next 5 years. This commitment will count towards the requirement of the 2018 Grid Transformation and Security Act of $870M in energy efficiency programs between July 1, 2018 - July 1, 2028. This ruling is a huge milestone for Virginians and their businesses to not only save money on their utility bills, but to significantly reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Dominion Energy customers in Virginia have not had access to EE rebate programs since December 2018 pending SCC filings, and are likely to not have access until on or about September of this year. EE rebate programs have helped VLED customers save roughly 20% on LED lighting projects specifically, helping ease the pain of up-front capital costs (which our financing options can help with as well).

We like to think of EE rebates as being “icing on the cake” complied with energy savings, avoided maintenance costs, reduced environmental impact, tax deductions and more, but they certainly provide our clients with a call to action on implementing conservation measures.

With that being said, VLED is currently back logging projects to begin once program details are released this year (programs technically start July 1, but may not be available until September or after). Due to scheduling and logistics, we highly recommend booking an appointment with one of our energy managers to discuss your energy efficiency needs while funding lasts. Call 804-562-8606 now to schedule your FREE ENERGY CONSULTATION.